Non Exclusive Sales - Open Listing 

Listing packages to advertise your real estate property in Costa Rica, for rent or for sale.

Non Exclusive Sales

Property for Sale - Open Listing

+ NOT EXCLUSIVE. Contract is signed and commission is paid only if we find a buyer.

+ COMMISSION. 5.65% Net. It already includes VAT.

+ PRIVACY: We accommodate your privacy:
A: Public Profile: visible to the navigators of the website and shared on Social Networks, or

B: Private Profile: visible only to our agents and to whom we share the direct link.

+ PHOTOS: They are included in the initial cost for properties near San Isidro Centro within a 10km radius. In more remote locations there is an extra charge.

+ ADVICE: To establish the price, during the negotiation process and the sale process.

+ INITIAL COST: $ 20 dollars only the first time the property enters our list. Free re-activations every 6 months until the property is sold.


+ REQUIREMENTS: Copy of the survey plan, detailed information of the property and direct contact with the registered owner to sign an agreement with this conditions.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

It is signed for 12 months, but we are very flexible and if you don't want sell anymore just let us know and we will take the listing down.
The amount is the 5.65% of the sale price. In a property where the sale price is $100.000 USD the commission abount is $5.650 USD. This is net. Taxes are already included.
We just need to know about it so we can take the listing down. You don't have to pay us a commission.
The entry of a property to our list, as well as the maintenance of our system and advertising have a cost that we must cover up front, this amount is an aid so that the property can be seen by dozens of people from anywhere in the world.
Yes. We have a mode where your property information will only be visible to our agents and it will not be published on the website or on Social Networks. Only those who we share the link to your property page will be able to see the information. These properties must likewise comply with the entire registration process.

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